Funding for services in western New York are delivered by a combination of governmental, hospital, nonprofit, and proprietary providers. The predominant providers are small nonprofits that provide a strong continuum of services.

These services include:

School and community based programs utilizing the latest risk and protective factor research to create and sustain long term change in reducing addiction.

A range of treatment services including withdrawal and crisis stabilization to provide for a safe withdrawal as well as the opportunity to screen for acute physical or psychiatric co-morbid conditions; inpatient services to support ongoing abstinence, recovery and a transition back into the community; outpatient services to promote the achievement and maintenance of recovery, improve functioning and quality of life.

Intensive Residential Rehabilitation
Developed for the chronic substance abuser who has attempted recovery unsuccessfully in the past, services are intense and provided on site in a congregate care setting.
Community Residential Services
Residential services for persons who require the support of a drug and alcohol free environment while they are stable enough to test their ability to maintain abstinence and sober lifestyle.
Supportive Living
These are peer apartments with recovery support provided on an as-needed basis.

Individual apartments with support services as a permanent living arrangement.

Includes collaboration with research, education and training institutions to develop research and training protocols to create a strong, well-educated workforce able to utilize evidence-based and best practices in service provision.

Chemical Dependency Sectors
Supportive Housing
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Community Addiction Services
Permanent Supported Housing
Research, Education and Training